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lipservice 2014 at the Imperial from Lipservice yvr on Vimeo.

lipservice is an all-out Jimmy Fallon style lip sync battle (seen this epic video?) for charity, held March 28, 2015 at the Imperial, in Vancouver BC. As a bonus to the hilarity on stage, lipservice is raising funds for imagine1day, a local Vancouver charity creating global change through their education-focused work in Ethiopia. Come support (heckle) a friend who’s gracing the stage, or get the heck up there yourself! This night of syncing, drinking, dancing and changing the world simply should not be missed.

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Thank you, peer pressure,
for being totally not cool.
Unless my friends think it’s cool,
then it’s pretty cool

I guess.

Jimmy Fallon

The | Cause

imagine1day is

more than

a charity


It’s a movement powered by endless creative energy to help Ethiopia become the prosperous nation it aims to be. They work directly on the ground with partners at the government and community level to transform their leadership and help get the job done. That means they don’t just build schools, they create quality education in a holistic way through innovative thinking and a commitment to accountability. It means they focus on creating community ownership and making everything they do sustainable.

A true artist

is not one who is inspired,

but one who inspires others.

Salvador Dali

The | Competition


is a lip sync

competition for


All you need to do is prepare a 30-60 second lip sync performance to 2 winning songs of your choice (1 for each round in case you advance). You can enter as a solo performer, or as team of up to five members.

There will be two rounds of competition.

Round 1 will feature head-to-head competitions between 2 performers (individuals and teams will compete together). The winning performer/team (as voted by the audience) from each head-to-head battle will be eligible for Round 2.

From the half that remains, our panel of three celebrity guest judges will choose their top 5 favourite performances to move into the final round. This final round will then perform for a second time. They can perform the same song or a different song depending on what they have prepared. After the 5 performances, the judges will deliberate and announce a winner based on which performer(s) received the highest overall score.

While there is no entry fee, there is a modest fundraising requirement for individual or team performers, based upon the size of your team. To make this a piece of cake, we’ll set you up with all the fundraising tools you’ll need!


• You get to contribute to a great cause while having fun (and isn’t it fun to take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone?)!

• All of your friends and family will be amazed at your mad lip-sync skills (because you’ll force them all to be there for moral support).

• There will be all sorts of rad performer prizes including prizes for: 1st Place grand prize, 2nd Place prize, 3rd Place prize, Top Team Fundraisers, Top Indy Fundraiser, and Socialite prize (for the performer/team who brings the most friends to the event).



One of the best things about imagine1day is their 100% model, wherein donor dollars are used to directly fund projects in Ethiopia rather than to cover overhead costs. This means that every dollar directly benefits children in Ethiopia in pursuing their right to education. That’s a big win for people looking to make a direct impact!
Take it on as a personal challenge
Think for a few minutes about your simple pleasures that could easily turn into fundraising dollars! Take our team’s addiction to good coffee, for example. If we pledged to trade in our 49th Parallel visits for home brew for a few weeks, we’d easily have $50 bucks saved up!
Secure donation #1
Put yourself out there and make a bold ask – your first one – to start the ball rolling. Think of someone you know won’t say no: family, friends, anyone holding an IOU card with your name on it. You’ll be amazed how good you feel once that first donation hits your tally!
Create your prospect list
Write down the names of all the people you plan to hit up. You know a lot of people! The second you put a dollar amount beside their names, you’ll see that reaching your goal is pretty much easier than blinking!
Send an irresistible email
Each of you will be equipped with a link for people to make online donations, and a simple email from us that you can easily forward to your contacts. It doesn’t take much to inspire people to support you. Make it personal, and tell a story about why you’re taking part in lipservice.
Ask for Corporate Support
Ask your workplace to support your epic lip sync journey. A small donation from your company could make a big dent on your fundraising commitment, and who knows they may be inspired to make a bigger impact and donate a more sizeable amount (in which case we’re happy to acknowledge them for their contribution at the event)!

Reality leaves a lot

to the imagination.

John Lennon

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Pre-Sale tickets for lipservice 2015 will be available very shortly. Check back soon ;)


lipservice 2014 at the Imperial from Lipservice yvr on Vimeo.

I’m just

being Miley

Miley Cyrus

About | lipservice

Born as an idea in 2013, lipservice was formed with the intention to create amazing and memorable social experiences in which people can feel good knowing that a night of pure fun can translate to tangible contribution in communities across the world.




# of competitors

60 000

number of kids imagine1day currently impacts


score out of 10 we want your performance to earn


people attended lipservice 2014

$14 000

how much we raised for imagine1day in 2014


# of kids in Ethiopia we can impact


percent of your friends you should bring next year


# of other places you’d rather be during lipservice 2

Life is

for living not for

living uptight


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